Doves Inc.
Atchison, KS 66002, United States
Doves Inc.

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Other places like the food stamp office and the housing building told me that this place was closing down... I called a lady from here who told me that my room would be ready in a few days, 3 max... But 3 weeks later she tells me its gonna be 3 more weeks! Im not sure whats going in, she took my info over the phone now she doesnt have room for me and other people are telling me they are closed or are closing down.. idk what to do, there are no other shelters here in Atchison, and if the lady that answered the phone wouldnt have told me that it would be this long before I get a room I wouldnt have been in this dire situation Im in now.

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Not very much help basically just a place to stay. If you leave there and still have person belongings there. They will have one of the staff a caucasion lady pack your things. In the process she goes through your things and takes what she wants. Tried to take a basket from me, succeeded in taking laundry detergent some electronics and some of my sons toys. Place is infested with roaches and bed bugs. There goal is for you to make yourself at home not get on your feet to have your own. They are very limited on community resources.

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  • Address:Atchison, KS 66002, United States
  • Phone:+1 888-363-2287
  • Non-profit organization
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