Aspen Dental
3420 Pleasant Valley Blvd, Altoona, PA 16602, United States

Review №1

Everyone at Aspen in Altoona was very nice to me while I was there, but I am not impressed with their care! I was told I had 4 cavities that needed to be filled and a gum infection, with bone loss, that needed a deep clean and antibiotics. All of this cost me over $1,800 AFTER insurance!! I, unfortunately, waited until after I got the cleaning and antibiotics to ask my sister, who is a dental hygienist, about her thoughts. I showed her my x-rays and she told me that I did not need all of that done! I did not have bone loss and the cavities that needed filled were SO tiny and could be dealt with by flossing. I really only needed a deep gum clean and to floss more and I would be fine. So I still ended up paying $1,500 out of pocket. Be cautious about what they say is wrong because more than likely it is not as bad as they are trying to make it out to be. Any minor problem, they will convince you that you need some procedure that will cost a lot of money when you probably do not it.

Review №2

Great, professional, and friendly service. Your comfort is a top priority as well as providing world-class dental services.

Review №3

Wont bother to listen when you have a problem. I have bone spurs from my extractions and twice now I have told them and both times they didnt bother to feel or well even care where I said was hurting. Just told me they will come out on there own. I cant even put my teeth in because of the pain and because of the the bone spurs. Very regretful and unhappy I choose this place to do something serious to my mouth.

Review №4

Service was quick and the work i needed done was clearly explained. The office folks were able to schedule everything out in a way that made it easy for me to attend.

Review №5

Excellent staff. Dentist (Dr. Mohney) is very helpful and takes his time explaining the procedures and options for care. Makes me feel comfortable no matter what the procedure. He has a very calming personality and voice. I’ve always hated dentists and after 60 years I’ve found one that is excellent.

Review №6

By far the best dentist I have ever been too!!. Friendliest caring people I have ever met!!. Will be referring everyone i know! Thank you for making my first time there a very pleasant one!! Easiest extraction with a tooth ever!!!

Review №7

Today was the 3rd time they had to reschedule my appointment. They are very unorganized. If you need a reliable dentist, this is not the office for you.

Review №8

I wish I could give zero stars! I made an appointment for my 24 year old non-verbal autistic son who needs a tooth pulled and a cavity filled. When I made the appointment I informed the Altoona office that my son is not able to take any x-rays and the exam would be limited. He is unable to be still and doesnt fully understand, and he would require some type of sedation for any extensive work to be done, but he will let the dentist look in his mouth. I was assured this wasnt an issue. When the tech called out his name and my husband and I approached she stated that only one of us could accompany my son because he needed x-rays first. My husband and I informed her that again he would not be able to do the x-rays. The tech was rude, abrupt, and insistent that the dentist would not examine my son without x-rays. We explained to her that he has special needs and that we discussed this when calling in and she said--without asking the dentist or anyone in the office--that again my son could not be examined. I recently had my son to a dentist in Huntingdon for an exam a few days earlier (I was coming to Aspen to see if he could get the tooth extracted closer to home) and they were able to capture pictures with a miniature wand in his mouth and the dentist examined him without x-rays and actually found a cavity. That dentist in Huntingdon and his staff took over an hour explaining the procedure to us and getting to know our son. My son also sees a dentist regularly for cleanings and exams and this was all able to be performed without x-rays. In contrast, we didnt even get past Aspen Dentals waiting room! I left your office so upset with how my son was treated. No one even asked or tried to work with us. My husband even told her that our son has had exams before without x-rays but she said they would not do it and again did not consult the dentist. My husband even left work early to get to this appointment. What a waste of time and so disappointing. I will be sure and let my family and friends and especially those with special needs not to go to Aspen Dental.

Review №9

Had an awesome experience with this place and the staff. I absolutely hate dentists and get uncomfortable. The staff treated me great the doctor and the specialist explained everything to my understanding. They made me feel comfortable and definitely going back to get the rest of my work done.

Review №10

I had a great experience at aspen I had a broken tooth that needed pulled I had a dentist appointment prior to going to aspen i was referred to a different dentist to have my tooth cut out but they could not get me In until November I was in a lot of pain I searched online for a office that had available openings and found aspen dental I made the call on a Monday they had an opening the following day (Tuesday) for an emergency extraction I went to the appointment I was seen my the dentist and the hygienist I had a little bit of infection at the bottom of my tooth they gave me an antibiotic and a prescription for pain medication I thought they would have me do the run of antibiotics before they would pull my tooth so I was disappointed I was pleasantly surprised after talking to the dentist again that he would be able to pull my tooth before I did the run of antibiotics so I was lucky enough to have my tooth pulled the same day I will definitely go to aspen again

Review №11

DO NOT GO HERE. I don’t have the best health when it comes to my Teeth and I knew that before coming here, but this place is just a scam. First of all they told me I have gum disease which is correct, however they GREATLY exaggerated the severity of at, as confirmed by a different dentist. Second of all they tried to sell me what they made sound like was a non invasive procedure, totaling $2900, or $1300 after my insurance kicked in. The new dentist I went to did it during a routine cleaning and ensured me there’s nothing procedural about doing this. Save your time and money and go to a private practice, aspen just wants your money.

Review №12

I was treated very cordially and professionally in my visit today.

Review №13

I never had a more thorough, more high-tech exam by hygienists and dentist..... and at no cost for a new patient. Very impressed!

Review №14

What started out as a relief thinking I have finally found a new dentist. They took their time with me— explained what they were doing, answered questions, addressed concerns… then the “treatment plan” part comes.. where they lay their dirty sales techniques on you about how before we can fix your tooth you have to undergo this ELABORATE deep cleaning with antibiotics your insurance won’t cover and a fancy tooth brush. Be aware you cannot decline the parts of this “treatment” that are not covered by your insurance.. hmmm … can you say bull****? Must be their “bread and butter” money maker. Did I mention on my initial call I stated the reason I want to find a new one was because the previous one insisted I pay them for a service BEFORE I even have it.. I hopeI can find someone who changes my mind about this industry.

Review №15

Had an awesome experience everyone is calm and inviting. Was very nervous, they kept me calm and treated me with dignity. Im going back and getting my new implants. Im not nervous at all now.

Review №16

Quick same day appointment. The staff was friendly and very helpful. Things were explained to me right away. I will use them again as a primary dentist.

Review №17

Very pleasant staff, helpful a d informative.

Review №18

The whole staff was very kind and understanding. Didnt take long to get seen by the dentist or dental hygienist or even be checked on by any one of the staff members. Very kind to talk to. Also the branch manager at the Altoona facility was the coolest guy! Defiantly made everything easily understandable for me.

Review №19

The staff was very friendly and polite. But , theres always a but. The pricing is totally ridiculous. They push for outrageous procedures to make your bill extremely high. And want to extract perfectly healthy teeth so you have to purchase dentures. Theyre advertisement says $499 for the start pricing of dentures but , want to charge $14 ,000 in the end. No Thank You Aspen Dental.

Review №20

Aspen Dental were great. I was having pain and it was the end of the day. They got me in right away for a tooth extraction. If you have ever had a toothache you know how important that is! .. Thank you so much for your help! The staff and Dr were so nice !

Review №21

Had an appointment at 2, got there at 130 and still wasnt seen at 3. Wont be going back if they cant honor their appointments.

Review №22

Scam! Spent 3 hours there just to get told they wont clean my teeth unless I spend $1000 on a gum treatment and heard them saying the same thing to other patients before me. Never going back there. Absolutely do not recommend.

Review №23

Waiting ..... On time for appointment but services are 35 minutes late and nobody came out to give any info why! Everyone is complaining!

Review №24

Appt was easy to get. I was headed home after my extraction about 40 mins after. Staff is friendly. Its great they support veterans with annual program that lasts a day. Unfortunately I couldnt wait until June. Theres no direct discount for vets which is a bummer.

Review №25

This place is very unprofessional! The staff is completely rude and unhelpful. My friend was a patient there and not only did the guy who was fixing her teeth file them completely uneven she has yet to get her retainer that she paid for months ago. Save your breath and frustration and don’t go here or call them take your business somewhere else seriously!

Review №26

Everyone is nice, but their method to scheduling is a little bizarre ! I scheduled an appointment for a cleaning first time patient and because it was an evening appointment they did my x ray and Dentist check up, but made me schedule The cleaning for another day because their hygienist was gone for the day! Why would they let me schedule an appointment for the same time the hygienist leaves in the first place ? So then I had to return twice and a am a working patient Monday- Friday !

Review №27

I have anxiety going to the dentist. Was having a tooth pulled and was pretty anxious about it. But dentist and especially the hygienist was extremely kind and comforting. I truly appreciated her. Wish I would have paid attention to her name.

Review №28

I would give this place a zero if possible. A doctor on a high horse always falls. Keep that in mind before doing shady work and treating your patients like money in your pocket, and not what’s best for the patient. Worst dentist EVER.

Review №29

I was very pleased with my visit. Everyone on the staff were very pleasant and professional.

Review №30

My 6 year old had her first set of x-rays and a cleaning done. The staff was AMAZING! Talked her through every step of the way and were SUPER friendly! We cant wait to go back for the 6mo check up!

Review №31

Staff is very friendly and they put you at ease.

Review №32

Here is what happened: the hygienist lady in a dark suit pulled two of my fillings while flossing and left me bleeding while explaining thats how much force you have to use to floss your teeth and said they fell out because I was drinking too much tea. How many hygienists can tell you medical advice? Sounds like illegal practice of dentistry by a hygienist. Then she made excuses not to call the doctor, saying hes busy and cant see me. Then she threatened me saying “ I will lose the “fight” if I decide to put one up because I was drinking tea when I should be drinking water.” Plus no hygienist is allowed to give any medical advice, and the reason why she pulled the fillings is because she used so much force so that even my gums started bleeding.The doctor said the fillings that were accidentally pulled would be free for me to fix. Instead, they billed my insurance for the full price of the fillings that they intentionally pulled during flossing which increased the out of pocket payments for other procedures which they billed. The office manager threatened me with her body language to make my dental work really poor if I ever decide to complain. Can someone tell me if what they are doing is insurance fraud?They wont put my old crown back in place because they drilled a hole in it, and want me to pay for another crown. What a great business model?! Sounds like fraud. They left me walking with holes in my teeth because they didnt immediately fix the fillings that they pulled in hopes that the tooth will get more damage so they can earn more money. I still have a crown that they will refuse to put back for over 2 months, also hoping that I will develop an infection so that they can make money on a root canal. This is the example of below the standard of care practices. Can someone tell me if what they are doing is fraud? Medical malpractice or intentionally causing me damages to increase their incomes?In conclusion: I went in, during flossing the hygienist pulled two fillings, refused to call the doctor, scheduled my appointment far ahead so the infection develops, doctor saw the holes from the fallen fillings and said you will need a crown, but for now we will do fillings. They billed my insurance for the fillings after the doctor said they will be free to me.They previously drilled a hole in my crown and they refuse to put the crown back n place for over 2 months. They want me to pay for the replacement. How is this not fraud? Attorney General please protect our community! My crown is still moving in my mouth which can choke me, scratch my gums, because the company who placed it refuses to put it back and wants money for replacement.MOST IMPORTANTLY: the problem that I originally came with - placement of the loose crown back in the tooth IS STILL not resolved!!!! Is this Stone Age?P.s. the drills the doctor uses for the procedures are laying on the open, so if you get your teeth infected you have to ask why they reuse the same drills from patient to patient without disinfecting or securing the drills according to the protocol. Their failure to disinfect the equipment recklessly endangers patients’ health and safety!

Review №33

Office was busy, but they were moving people through quickly. Not a very long wait. All staff was very nice. I received very good care on this visit

Review №34

I have so much anxiety about the dentist. Ive had some bad experiences. But my initial appointment with aspen was great. Everyone I met from the x-ray tech through the financial woman at the end were nice. They explained things well and were all friendly.

Review №35

Throughout this pandemic whereabouts, I had no primary dentist and with having an abscess that needed to be extracted they took my call and had me in the very next day. Extracted my tooth and did it so cautiously considering dentist is my fear !! They are so polite and caring! Everyone in the staff was wonderful ! I most certainly will be back !

Review №36

Everyone was very nice. Place was clean.

Review №37

They were able to get me scheduled quickly and were able to helo me with the process and treatment. Everyone is very nice and helpful in this office.

Review №38

I want to say I really felt comfortable a Aspen Dental. I havent been to a dentist in probably 30yrs an Aspen dental girls really were nice an told me what I needed to have done an set me up with a payment plan. I was never pressured into anything or feel uncomfortable, will be keeping up with teeth now.

Review №39

Dr. Mohney was exceptional from start to finish. He patiently listened to my dental problem when he was on call for emergencies... he was not only incredibly patient, but very informative. I Found him to be just as competent and caring in person when I came in for my procedure.

Review №40

Aspen dental was a great experience friendly staff and amazing results !!!

Review №41

Very professional and thorough. Showed what I would be paying for all services and how much my insurance would cover.

Review №42

Absolute waste of time. My appointment was at 8am, I arrived at 7:40 and wasn’t seen until 8:30. I had all the normal xrays and dental scans, then the dentist came and spoke with me and that was it the appointment was over. No cleaning, no fluoride, no nothing. I’m still confused how this place operates, I have good dental insurance and received no dental care what so ever. I asked if my teeth would be cleaned but was told “we don’t have a dental hygienists”. I now have to call my insurance and verify they didn’t charge them because I still need to go see a real dentist and have the routine cleaning and dental care I was expecting to get here. I asked and they told me my insurance wouldn’t be billed but don’t trust anything they say, it’s very misleading to call this place a dentist office at all.

Review №43

My 75 year old Mother has been going to Aspen monthly since April 2020. February 2021 she is no longer allowed to sit in the waiting room. Aspens response is due to guidelines. There is no guideline that is law and nowhere does it state to ask an elderly person to sit in a car in 20° weather, to wait for a phone call to be allowed to enter the building. The excuse is ridiculous and disgusting.

Review №44

I needed to have a tooth that fell out of my dentures. I was glad I didnt need an appointment and was taken care of in a timely manner. Staff was prompt and professional. Friendly and nice office.The only problem I have is that that was the second tooth that fell out of the dentures in less that two years. Maybe this is normal. But having to travel to the office, paying that much for them and then having a guarantee makes me a little disappointed.

Review №45

Very pleasant staff. No long waiting time and their very helpful in explaining each and every step tbey are doing. They help you set up payment arrangements instead of just throwing a bill at you

Review №46

Excellent practice...from the front to the back!! Thank you, Aspen Dental!!!

Review №47

Experience was great, the staff made me feel comfortable even with the covid-19 situation. They protected there staff and patients. I was in and out. For an emergency situation I would recommend this office to anyone. Hands down the best dental experience Ive had ever.

Review №48

I love them. Cried as soon as i got my teeth in.... they treat you like you are family... i am so glad I went there... will recommend them to everyone!

Review №49

I have had past work done.. I have PSTD from this place. I am not lying, the dentist was never an issue for me before ASPEN.. They were pulling wisdom teeth (that were totally healthy all grown in teeth) Just an additional $$$ maker for them. 1st thing not enough blocking for pain and I told them I feel too much and they just watched TV and chatted about personal things as they were painfully pulling my teeth. I felt like an non-living thing as I was just a thing they were working on with no regard for me as a human. I WOULD NEVER ALLOW ANY OF MY FAMILY TO GO TO ASPEN IN ALTOONA PA!

Review №50

Periodontal disease is not permanent, but they will place their entire process on it. $1600 just to clean my gums before they begin any real dental work. It is ABSOLUTELY a corporate greedy dental office. They may do good affordable work on people with nearly perfect teeth, but they totally overcharge for people who need to see a dentist and actually need work. Must have a large overhead.

Review №51

Everyone was kind & informative. The dentist explained everything; he made sure that I understood what the x-ray showed.

Review №52

Over priced adds things you dont even request to have done to the billing list just so they can squeeze every penny out of you that they can. The place is highway robbery.

Review №53

All staff is kind and listens to your concerns. Tooth extraction went well and the doctor was encouraging and seemed like he knew what he was doing. The assistant constantly checked up on me and made me feel comfortable.Great experience

Review №54

Took my temperature and filled out health questionnaire before entering. Staff wore masks. Staff courteous. Hygienist was friendly and did a good job.

Review №55

Only office that could get me in same day. Staff was significantly nicer than the last time I was here over a year ago. Dentist was a little short but he took care of an issue another office created promptly and professionally. It was comforting to have staff that was knowledgeable and helpful.

Review №56

2.5 hours and almost $200.00 to get a loose tooth pulled. Too much BS involved to get a tooth pulled here! Any other dentist i would of been in and out in about 30 minutes

Review №57

I needed new teeth although I am elderly and low on funds they applied for funds with a dental loan. I was denied so my sister co-signed for me. I only have pensions. The staff were very helpful. I do wish they applied discounts for senior citizens.

Review №58

My appointment was delayed by at least 30 minutes and I had to fill out additional paperwork once I was taken back to be seen, which could’ve been done during the time I had to wait. The staff is friendly and were fairly swift with treatment.

Review №59

Not a customer comes first practice. The doctor is unwilling to work with patient. If you ask questions or need changes, it strikes his ego and you are no longer a valued customer, but a burden that takes time from herding other people through the cash cow turnstile. Dont take family there

Review №60

From the time that I entered the Altoona Aspen Dental office I was treat exceptionally well. The front desk employees expedited me through to be seen for my tooth extraction. Dr. Mohney and his assistant were excellent, and I appreciate everything they did when I was in need of care.Keith Grigg

Review №61

Everyone was very friendly and it went very quick I didnt have to wait to be seen and the staff was friendly and made it a positive experience

Review №62

I love my local Aspen Dental. Dr. Mony is excellent. Very competent professional and friendly. The office staff are all friendly and very understanding and cooperative with appointments and other areas. Great experience always! I strongly recommend it.

Review №63

Great experience. Everything was done in a single visit to include a dental repair by a coordinated team of highly dedicated professionals. From the time of reception until the time I exited the experience was extremely positive. These folks know their stuff and insure that the patient is not only well treated but receives the best in modern dental care. Would highly recommend their services.Another great experience highly competent and professional staff.

Review №64

I highly recommend Aspen Dental; the staff is super friendly and welcoming. My 4 yr old had her first dental appointment here and the staff made her feel so at ease that she now loves going the dentist. During one of my appointments, I had my two small children with me and Jeri Ann and Ashley went out of their way to make them feel welcome and interact with them while I got my teeth cleaned. I really appreciated that!! To me, it makes a huge difference when a staff is willing to being patient, kind, and understanding with children.

Review №65

Really appreciate you folks getting me in so quickly, especially being a new patient. The tooth extraction was nearly painless. I have nothing but good to say about the experience.

Review №66

Everyone very nice. Overall great experience,

Review №67

DO NOT choose aspen dental. They will try to upsell you every chance they get. They will try to force you into procedures that are very expensive out of pocket and not necessary. The visits feel more like sales visits than medical visits.

Review №68

Friendly fast service definitely recommend.

Review №69

They were willing to fit me in last minute for an emergency visit (only shop able/willing to do so). Great experience: they were kind and they listened, and gave me a plan for how to get better!

Review №70

They were very nice and pleasant. But I got a full upper plate . The cost for the most expensive was around 1300...I went for my last appointment and the told me I have an outstanding bill of over 2300 did that happened when they were payed off months ago...????

Review №71

It was my first visit and I was more than impressed!!! They spent more time with me in one visit than my previous dentist had spent in 10 years!!!! Everyone was so nice and explained exactly what they were doing and why. I feel like someone is actually listening to me as well. Ill be having summer things done that Ive wanted to for years. The new Oral-B toothbrush I got there rocks, too!UPDATE: after a normal cleaning, I was disappointed that I was charged for a fluoride treatment that I did not authorize and, had they explained what they were doing, I would not have authorized. My insurance does not cover this and I dont need it either.The other complaint I have is that it takes FOREVER to get an appointment. If you have to cancel you might as well figure it will be 9 months after that date that you can get in. I also think that their pricing for crowns, implants, etc. is not very competitive.The people are really nice though......

Review №72

What an excellent experience! I was fit in as a new patient for an emergency appointment. The entire staff was so friendly and accommodating, and my tooth was extracted the same day. Ive found my new dentist!

Review №73

Staff very friendly. Dr. Mohney was so sincere and reassuring. They referred me to a root canal specialist and explained exactly what my insurance currently covered and also what my future procedures would cost. I have already recommended Aspen Dental to co-workers and family. Only wish the cubicles provided a little more privacy.

Review №74

I was in extreme pain and was able to get an appointment on the day I called, the staff was outstanding. I had the tooth removed, and the dentist was thoroughly prepared with aftercare instructions. Great experience, would definitely be a return patient

Review №75

They schedule you for appointment and then when you show up you have to come in next time cause they dont have time to do it now

Review №76

We started our journey with Aspen in January 2018. We have been and are so satisfied with their professionalism, courtesy, friendliness and all other great adjectives to describe them. They are available to you all the time. There are not enough words to describe what good and great things they have done for my son. Thank you, everyone at Aspen Dental in Altoona, PA.

Review №77

Very nice people. I knew I needed extensive work, but never imagined it would come to over $20,000. I am shopping around for more affordable care.

Review №78

It was very nice to see your offices and the staff I was with were so friendly and nice. I was thinking that I could get her to just get evaluation . So helpful . Thank you . I love my old dental care was I think l `needed to get upto date on everything that is probably he felt to retire instead up dating.THANK YOU for taking me on..

Review №79

This place is absolutely inconvenient . I will never go there. I made three appointments for my kids over a month ago and they called to tell me that they need to reschedule for one and said that that’s not a guarantee that he will actually get a cleaning that day which is what I schedule the appointment for. My other two children I scheduled for a month later, they called back and said the hygienist will not be there that day either and they will need to reschedule. However they can’t reschedule until months out. I will be going elsewhere for my dental care. I do not recommend this place at all.

Review №80

This was one of the best dental visits I ever had, even more so considering that I had some extractions. Everyone was very considerate and caring, very professional. Great staff.

Review №81

Great job!

Review №82

Do what you can to keep your own teeth. But if you need to have denture work done, this is the place. Everybody is friendly, personable and cares about doing the job right. I recommend them highly.

Review №83

Great experience! Following a horrific dental experience (including unnecessary work) I made the choice to try Aspen Dental. So far, great decision! The staff is friendly and helpful from start to finish while the doctor is soft spoken and realistic. Hopefully my experience will continue this way.

Review №84

I was in and out in no time. No long waits in the waiting room. The dentist and his assistances were very professional and answered every question I posed to them. My dental plate looks great and so far fits OK (still needs a little adjusting.) I would highly recommend this business toy friends and family.

Review №85

I have recently moved from OH to PA, and I am very impressed with the care of I received at Aspen on my first visit. The entire staff was not only wonderful to work with, but very professional and thorough.

Review №86

I love going to the dentist! My hygienist is awesome! Great place would definitely recommend!

Review №87

Staff very polite and pleasant to talk to. Each procedure was explained before doing it. Dr. M. was very professional and detailed on his procedure

Review №88

This is the way dental care is supposed to be. The staff was respectful and went out of their way to make me comfortable. They took the time to answer all the questions I had. Since I had to have major work on my teeth, they explained why I needed that particular work done. They talked WITH me, not AT me. I was given options, and recommandaions, but in the end I made the final decision.

Review №89

I have always had a positive experience with Aspen Dental in Altoona, they got me a quick appointment very professional and actually made a dentist experience a good one.

Review №90

From my first call to make an appointment until today when I received my permanent dentures, I found the entire staff to be friendly and professional. Every one was always helpful . The process was not always pleasant but everyone tried to make it as comfortable as possible. I will highly recommend Aspen Dental in Altoona to any one who is interested in dentures.

Review №91

People and dentist are knowledgeable, friendly and professional. However, if you do not want to sign up for all their hygienist services, they will not treat you at all so will not go back.

Review №92

Very willing to work with you on any type of problem you may have. Felt very comfortable and at ease about procedures

Review №93

Very pleased with the service and information from the complete staff. Absolutely professional and very organized. I highly recommend Aspen dental.

Review №94

It was fine, everyone was helpful, and the process went smoothly.

Review №95

Aspen Dental in Altoona, PA, helped me immensely. I had a terrible toothache. Not even my regular dentist would get me in for this emergency. I called Aspen Dental, and they got me in the next day. The staff, from the front desk, to the dental assistants, to the dentist, were very pleasant. They took care of my needs that day. I highly recommend that office.

Review №96

I called this place today to see if they take my insurance the lady after we make app with you they will call me to let me know shloud you tell some one if you take the insurance or not be for making the app then i give her member number then she didnt even look that up after i made that app i got feeling to go some where else but the lady on the phone was nice and etc but you should tell some one if you take there insurance or not be for making a app so i want some were the work i need to be done got done the same day so going to pass on this place for now but only i am giving four stars is beacuse the lady was nice on the phone didnt like perfect smiles does to you.

Review №97

I had a very pleasant experience at my last visit. I was taken back earlier than my appointment time and was not pressured to make my next appointment. Everyone was very polite and made you feel very comfortable.

Review №98

2020. Awesome. My situation is a difficult one and a challenge to any dentist , orthodontist etc. However, I was given hope that anything is possible by Dr Mahoney, Geri Ann, Andrea and staff at the Altoona office working with Dr Ciarello and staff . Everyone listened, worked with me until all issues were positively resolved. I believe patience, sincerity, knowledge and my trust in them were the elements involved for this success. I will be forever thankful.2018-2019......Greeted with a smile. Wait time 5 minutes. Ashley greeted me a smile, said she read my file and verifiedwhat was to occur in our appointment. Before, during and after gave me a heads up on everything.She was patient and thorough. She scheduled me for a follow up. Brief conversation with the dentist , again positive . Stacey at checkout was pleasant as well. 5/5!

Review №99

My visit for impressions went well, nice people, nice facility. Ill relay more after the extractions and plates are in. But, if anything like last visit, Ill be smiling like a butchers dog. Lol.Thanks for everything.Joe

Review №100

The staff are incredible! Very considerate and very assuring. I felt so at ease here! I cant wait to go back!

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