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Ive been a patient of Dr. Cook for over 10 years. I had a special orthodontic case that no other orthodontist wanted to tackle. He gave me my confidence back with a beautiful smile. All the staff has always treated me like family. They make me feel at ease when I come in for any dental procedures. I highly recommend Dr. Greg Cook and his staff for any dental needs!

Review №2

Ive been a patient for over 15 years, and have nothing but good things to say about Dr. Cook and his staff. In Jan of 2020, I took the plunge and did Invisilign, it not only fixed a slight over bite, and crooked bottom teeth, but it fixed my sleep apnea! I feel like a new person, no more falling asleep on the couch, or walking around like a zombie! And my smile looks pretty great too!

Review №3

Invisalign review: I have been a patient of Dr. Cook for years. I will never go to another dentist. I realized how much Dr. Cook cares about his patients when I needed a dental implant on my front teeth. Dr Cook met me at the periodontist office on his day off to make sure my procedure went well. Who does that?? Dr. Cook thats who‼️ My latest adventure with Dr. Cook was related to the horrible shifting and chipping of my teeth due to grinding. Dr. Cook recommended Invisalign to fix the problem. He was very knowledgeable about the treatment and answered all my questions. The last thing I wanted to fix my teeth was a mouth full of metal braces. Been there and done that! Therefore, invisaligns clear retainers was a no-brainer and I started seeing results in just a few weeks. I have officially completed the process and I can honestly say that my pearly whites have never looked better thanks to Dr. Cook and his staff.

Review №4

I’ve had terrible experiences at past dental offices, THIS IS NOT ONE OF THEM!! Dr. Cook was so accommodating & so kind. He & his entire staff made me feel so comfortable! This is the ideal place to go for all your dental needs! I’ve been blown away by all my experiences here.

Review №5

I scheduled an appointment with Dr. Cook after receiving a questionable treatment plan from a different dentist. They worked me in on the day I called for an appointment, and were extremely kind and caring. Using a specialized tool, he was able to tell me that none of my teeth were remotely close to needing fillings. He saved me from making a costly mistake both financially and in regards to my overall dental health. Ill be returning to him for future cleanings and exams, and would highly recommend this office.

Review №6

Great experience! Friendly staff!

Review №7

I just love Dr Cook and his staff. They really took good care of me and made me feel comfortable with my procedures. Dr Cook and his staff are like family to me. I have been to many dentists before and I havent met anyone so nice and charming like him. They will make you feel comfortable and relax in his Spa like office and his office staff are friendly too. Dr Cook gave me my smile back and I am so glad that he is my dentist.

Review №8

Absolutely terrific! The staff is very friendly and you can tell everyone has worked together for a long time. Dr. Cook was excellent with my son who is only five years old. They take their time with children and make sure the job is done perfectly.They do A wonderful job! very clean and nice office as well!

Review №9

I am so happy with Appalachian Dental! From the initial visit I felt comfortable and positive about my plan. There is a great flow with the entire staff, I LIKE the way they do business and highly recommend them!

Review №10

I have been working at Appalachian Dental for almost three years now and I love my job! Dr. Cook and my coworkers have become like family to me ! One of the main reasons why I would recommend our office is because we all want the best for each one of our patients and we try to make everyone who walks in our front door comfortable. We know coming to the dentist is not very fun, but we try to make it a good experience! Dr. Cook cares for his patients as if they were his own family. I love my work family and Im so lucky I get to be apart of such an amazing group of people!

Review №11

I have went to Dr. Cook for all of my dental work for over 15 years. He is the only dentist I would trust to work on my teeth. His staff is amazing as well! They are always friendly and always do a great job. Dr. Cook always listens to me, makes recommendations, and gives advice on the best plan of treatment for all of my dental needs. He also did my Invisalign and was wonderful! I would recommend Appalachian Dental to everyone!

Review №12

I have been a Dental Hygienist at Appalachian Dental for a year now. In that year I have seen how caring, compassionate, and personable Dr. Cook and the rest of the staff are. Dr. Cook and staff are very easy to talk to and all share a common goal of wanting to provide top notch care to patients all while making the patients feel as comfortable and as relaxed as possible. Dr. Cook does excellent dental work and I can tell he has a true passion for dentistry. I highly recommend Appalachian Dental!

Review №13

Dr. Cook is absolutely amazing! I have been going to him for years now and he has become like family to me. His work on my braces exceeded my expectations. Everyone in the office is always helpful and they really make you feel welcome. Love it here!!!

Review №14

Dr. Cook and his staff are very caring, helpful and understanding. He has been my dentist for 13 years. They treat you like family.

Review №15

I want everyone to Dr. Cook and his staff always greet you with a smile and make you feel welcome; not just as a patient number but a person they really care about. They pray for their patients and give them the best quality work that you could ask for!!!

Review №16

My family and I have had multiple positive experiences with Dr. Cook and his hardworking staff. They are considerate and their focus is on you, the patient. They all go above and beyond to make sure you are comfortable.

Review №17

I have a broken tooth. Today the pain hit me like a brick wall and my pain level was at least a 100 out of 10! We called them right before closing and explained my pain and they agreed to see me. When I came in (in tears) they took me right back and were able to assess my situation and gave me 2 shots for pain until I can get in for surgery! They were all extremely nice and I can’t thank them enough for taking me in last minute!!

Review №18

Appalachian Dental is the complete package! I have been their patient since 2011, and I have received only the finest in dental care from them! I appreciate their courteous, helpful, patient, and friendly office staff! My dental hygienist, Ashley, does a thorough and outstanding job during my dental cleanings! She is professional, compassionate, and understanding, and she is mindful of my extreme teeth sensitivity problem! She and Dr. Cook get me through each appointment painlessly! This keeps me coming for dental appointments regularly!A few years ago, Dr. Cook replaced one of my 36-year-old fillings from my previous dentist. He did an excellent job throughout the entire process! He was painstakingly careful to make sure that the new fillings top surface was exactly where the tooths original top surface had been before a cavity had ever formed. This ensures that when I bite/chew, my teeths touch points are the same as before I had a cavity or a filling, thereby preventing later gradual misalignment of the teeth. Anyone whose dentist has ever done this part of a filling incorrectly REALLY can tell the difference when it is done correctly and precisely, as Dr. Cook does!In recent years, Dr. Cook has performed emergency services for one of my acquaintances, and he has made dentures for another of my acquaintances. Both parties were extremely happy and pleased with his work! In addition to these and other dental procedures, Appalachian Dental also provides orthodontics and PST. More below about PST. Pricing for all services and procedures is reasonable, competitive, and affordable.Dr. Gregory Cook is a (Chao) Pinhole Academy certified dentist! Pinhole Surgical Technique (PST) is Pinhole Gum Rejuvenation, a modern, proven, revolutionary breakthrough in the treatment of receding gums. It is scalpel-free, suture-free, and graft-free, and it offers an incredibly shorter post-surgical healing time, as well as slashes the pain factor, especially compared to traditional gum recession treatments! Until this new treatment was available and perfected, Id been postponing treatment for my receding gums indefinitely! The thought of the older treatments made me shudder and filled me with dread. I plan to have PST in the not-too-distant future. I am confident that after Dr. Cook has completed my PST I will be able to say, yet again, that he is the absolute best dentist Ive EVER had!!!The man is an extremely skillful dental genius, craftsman, and artist! His dental hygienist is the best! His office staff are professional and welcoming! At Appalachian Dental I have had unsurpassed excellence in dental care, and they have made me feel like family from my first appointment on! I intend to remain with Dr. Cook as long as he remains in practice! If I should ever move back to my home state, I would have to drive or fly from central NC twice a year for appointments at Appalachian Dental, because I JUST CANNOT leave my dentist for another!!!

Review №19

Dr. Greg Cook is the BEST DENTIST EVER. I live in Chattanooga Tn ( about 110 miles from Maryville Tn). Dr. Cook fixed the lousy workmanship of three previous dentist. The environment was very comfortable and inviting. He and his staff were very knowledgeable, professional and up to date on the latest and greatest technology in dentistry. I couldnt be more satisfied. I highly recommend Appalachian Dental to everyone who cares about their teeth. Appalachian Dental is AWESOME ! ! ! ! Top Notch in my book!

Review №20

Very pleased with the level of knowledge and care from this staff and Dr. Cook. Would definitely recommend them to anyone looking for a caring and patient dentist.

Review №21

Very pleased with my visit. Very nice and helpful. Dr. Cook and staff went above and beyond to help me with my needs. I would recommend to anyone.

Review №22

Always a pleasant experience and they were great introducing my 2year old to getting his teeth cleaned. I highly recommend Dr.Cook and his staff at Appalachian Dental.

Review №23

Great friendly staff. Very accommodating and helpful. Switched my entire immediate family and some extended family to this office.

Review №24

Great people and atmosphere! Worked to get me in within an hour of calling for an emergency. Highly recommended!

Review №25

I have been a patient of Dr. Cook for more than 13 years. From routine cleaning to orthodontics Dr. Cook and his staff have always provided me with the upmost in quality care and service. Thank you Dr.Cook

Review №26

This was by far the worst experience ever. Dr. Cooks staff not only lacks the necessary knowledge about insurance, billing, and account management, but they also do not like being questioned about anything that would result in them losing any bit of money. Furthermore, as it was corroborated by two dentists afterwards, Dr. Cook and his staff were both neglectful to patient issues, thus securing a need for his excessive, expensive yet mediocre (at best) care. Oh yes, and you wont find out about ALL of the other charges they neglected to tell you about as part of these routine procedures, until youre hit with a rather large bill that you were told would be less than half of what it actually is. We contacted our insurance company who confirmed that their office charged us for things that insurance had already paid out to them. Theyre ruthless about getting EVERY last possible dime from you by sneaking in unauthorized, illegitimate charges buried in account statements to ensure they can pay for the nice landscaping out front, the latest teeth whitening procedures, and the shiny new cars sitting out back in their employee parking lot.

Review №27

I had a dental emergency and Dr. Cooks staff immediately worked me into his schedule that day. While the patient beside me was being numbed, he checked me, decided I needed a filling and did so right then. I so appreciate that. Thats what kind of professional he is. Even though it probably set his schedule behind for the day, he took care of me the way it needed to be done.

Review №28

Great doctor and absolutely wonderful staff.

Review №29

I have had all great experiences at Dr. Cooks office. He and the staff are very professional, friendly, and give the best quality care you could ask for!!!!!

Review №30

Abslute best dentist i have ever had very professional staff grat to do business with

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